Monday, August 22, 2016

Restyled version of Ford Explorer

In the distant past, something as simple as a bulldozer SUV Explorer replaced a steel frame with the platform from the Ford Taurus sedan, "mustang" engines were replaced by European EcoBoost with calibrated fuel consumption, and a cassette receiver without the function of the reverse became an advanced multimedia complex with limitless infotainment. During the evolution of analog all-wheel drive piece of iron gave place to the stripes of unpainted plastic with a Wi-Fi access point. Now there is a new round: updated last year, Ford Explorer has gained new features, and those that remain, have become smarter. Ford Explorer is beautiful it is a fact. It was so before the facelift, so it is now. But there is an interesting paradox: a company whose founder invented the catch phrase "the Car can be any color if it is black," released the SUV, which is a million times more to be in white. Don't you agree? Then a palette of seven colors is there to help you. You may find the wallpapers for the PC with the photos of new Ford Explorer in different colors – and you will understand what we mean. Fast, beautiful, powerful and stylish – now these words are all about Ford Explorer. Give it a try!